Sage Accounts training

So you've brought Sage Accounts and plan to do your own book keeping but there is a lot to learn. Sage Accounts is a complex and powerful software package that will meet all your small business requirements.

Let our Worthing book keeper guide you through the package on a one to one basis, we can show you how to set up and configure Sage and the daily/monthly/annual tasks.

A key area that is often over looked is data backup - you spend hours entering all of your accounts information into Sage on your laptop and if you lose or damage your laptop the data could be unrecoverable leaving you to face heavy fines from HMRC. What happens if you have a fire in your office (or home office) - is all of your data securely backed up in a remote location? If your office is burgled the theives are unlikely to leave your valuable computer and all your accounts and other critical business data behind are they?

We can recommend excellent cloud based backup solutions and show you how to setup Sage Accounts to take advantage of the latest advances in disaster recovery software and techniques - don't wait until the unthinkable happens, act today and give our team at Worthing Book Keeper a call to see what we can do for you.